Monday, 16 October 2006

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

13 October - Yesterdays heat was quickly forgotten once mid moning came and the mercury had crept up to a nasty 35. Reasonably busy day,marred by a few mpreventable mishaps with pickndrops and some extremely unefficient backtracking, chafing was mercifully relieved by combination of talc and just wearing lycra knicks although by the end of the day it was starting to make itself felt. main event was at end of day when I rode rather close to a pedesstrian who reacted by walking in and shouldering me as I went past then completely losing his calm and he started shouting, throwing wild punches and backingaway, shaking hysterically while he threatened me. Abit disconcerting but most annoyingwhen he kicked my bike, knockingthe brake out of alignment and causing dispatcher to take work away from m e until I could assure him that I could cover them. After work noted more internationals have arrived for next weeks events and, not sure if i'm happy or unhappy about this one, a pair of guys seem to be wanting to make a documentary about couriers and have started filming and will be at the event next week. Hope ty don’t get in the way. Rode over to coogee, had a very brief nighttime dip and was entertained by coogee street and collins house nightlife - found out that tomorrow's filming was cancelled but plenty of time for that anyway. Our little project on the other hand ...

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