Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Half A Man

24 October - woke to the less than pleasant sensation of being in a pool of my own sweat. Pretty bright and warm but obviously the result of my body raising its temperature in order to fry the evil germs that have taken residence in it. Really didn’t want to go to work but thought it should give it a go. However, as noon approached I was really of the opinion that carrying on would not be the most sensible option so called off early and decided to head back towards Redfern way. Just because I couldn’t work for the rest of the afternoon didn’t meant that it had to be a total writeoff - had some errands to do broadway way so took the opportunity to finally get a chance for a tightarse tuesday movie session - the yourmovies website having got the session times wrong again meant that i'd have to wait over an hour for my first choice so saw 'The Departed' instead, the film I had been thwarted from seeing the previous Tuesday by an oversupply of bums and undersupply of seats - true return to form by Scorsese, even better than its inspiration 'infernal affairs', a true gangster ep1c -awesome in scope, tense, violent and with excellent dialogue and characters - best film i've seen in ages (and not just because its the only film i've seen in ages). Strugled through several hours worth of the weekend's footage - we got some really good stuff but the work needed to get a film out of it is seeming a little overwhelming. Going to try to postpone that stress for a little while, but not too long.

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