Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Murphy's Law

23 October - Desperately wanted to call in sick today - I felt like crap, sounded like crap and looked like crap. I knew it was going to be a horrible day because we're still down bikers but I knew that if I did call in sick it would be very suspicious because all the courier companies knew what had gone on at the weekend and most had secured commitments from bikers to turn up to work on Monday or not bother turning up on Tuesday (woo! Four day weekend!). As soon as I logged on my PDA was blurting its unusual and irritating beep and screaming 'Warning!' at me and I was heading downtown for a swathe of picks and drops. I tried to force myself to take it very easy throughout the entire day but it was very difficult when the screen was overflowing with so many trips, most of them hours late. A small break in the middle before it started again and it never let up. I can’t remember having felt this bad at work and yet it was the best day i've had in Sydney - presuming tomorrow won’t be the same because the team will be getting a little bigger with Movie returningand Pete starting - i'll be vey happy to have an easier day tomorrow but when I get better? Eventually finished shortly after 6 and made my way homeward where I unsuccesfully tried to pass out. So many things to do, so little time, so little energy ...

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