Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Lazy Man's Load

9 October - Got up very early in order to go fight and make up with the brothernerial unit and solved a little problem with the powerful lookup function - apparently i've still got it. Reasonably terrible day at work, felt awful for most of the day and both data unit and radio were only working sporadically which caused great pain and heartache. Had another day of doing the route for the papershredders - not much more than a glorified paperboy - all very simple, just picking up from one place with occasional others thrown in where possible. Despite easiness of the gig still managed to stuff up on the first run - had to try to justify a route by franticallytexting my irate dispatcher - only after I apologied did I realise that the onlyreason there had been a stuffup was because of his mistake. Got even angrier at myslf for not realising at first. May have moved my largest single trip ever in the afternoon - a huge stack of folders with my bag packed till bursting and the rest precariously balanced in a box on my head. Don’t know why i'm proud of that but I am. cooked a delicious marinara pasta for eats - samira couldn't eat the baby octopus because it looked like it was alive p I don’t see the problem as its hardly got a face. And afterwards when watching Oz in the evening I was particularly saddended and infuritated to find that they broke it up with advertisements - since when have SBS been doing this? Has this been announced already and I missed it? To me, this is a big media story - true they always have ads between shows but it was the only channel where you could watch a great show and not have to deal with a tampax commercial - is this the end of the SBS I know and love?

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