Tuesday, 17 October 2006


16 October - Because my bedroom is on the west the mornong light prevented oversleeping or maybe it's on the east, I can never remember which way the sun rises and because I don’t have the mountains t o show me which way north is i've can’t really be sure. Many many flights of stairs made carting out empties hard work - why couldn’t the patrons have brought spirits like i'd asked instead of beer. Makes the cleaning up so much easier. Missed the reggae party down at the block which was not really too upseting because i'm not really into reggae but did do an important bit of reconnaissance down at Olympic Park with Jeannie and Shane-o (current wearer of the sydney alleycat champions jersey). Very nice fast ride out there and got a couple of maps and tried to deduce which parts were going to be part of next weekends time trial - we knew there was going to be a hill of sorts and a couple of nasty hairpins where we were assured there would be definite crashes so we went searchingfor them. Gravel path could definitely be a part of it - spiral climb at Wentworth Common is the only real climb in the whole area but it would be terribly dangerous if couriers ar going up and down at the same time - just testing it was really sketchy with just a couple of tourists riding up and down (in any event it could be traversed by scramblingup the hill three times faster than on a bike), all the poles in the overflow could potentiallysimulate windingthrough traffic - I guess we'll have to wait for the day. Watched a lot of television in t eh evening including an hour of Australian idol - one song was reasonably entertaining but I still have nothing but contempt so I don’t think i'll be getting hooked anytime soon.

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