Thursday, 5 October 2006

Swan Lake On Bikes

29 september - A pretty good workday, a relative scorcher compard to yesterday. Nigel was back from a brief illness - I certainly seemed to get along pretty well with Les although yesterday he was just giving me the s**ts but that was more to do with the lack of work and my mood than anything else. Still, I rode up and down the horrific ramp to the 88 Phillip St loading dock about 10 times in an hour and it was really starting to wear thin after a while. Also, my $US12 tailor made trousers (later tailored by Sax into a pair of cutoff work pants) lost the seem in the bum and before I knew it the hole was so big that it was swallowing the bike seat and when I tried to stand in the saddle for a climb I was held fast by their vicelike grip. Probably contributed to the excruciating chafing I was feeling at the end of the day - seriously considered ditchingthe shorts and wearing just my knicks even though they're my unders and are not the most stylish of streetwear. After work a brief relax at Martin Place - the internationals have started to arrive for the worlds and it's becoming a rather crowded affair - some of the fixie guys were showing off doing trick skids - who can do the longest? Who can be the most acrobatic? Who can be the biggest dangerous idiot? Some of them were pretty incredible - scooter was doing handless skids and smoking joe topped it with no hands and onlyone foot over the handlebars - it was really very balletic - if you could have cut out the fumbling misattempts and crashes and put it to Mozart it would definitely be filmworthy. Had an extremely manic ride home over my old home route through Pyrmont racing Reed, he's really really fast and incredibly aggressive - he never seemed like the type back in vancouver - it was rather silly but there were no mishaps at all - he generously offered an invite back to his hostel (where he has secured the most terrific deal - free virtually private accommodation and other extras in exchange for cooking a barbecue and renting movies for the place - however, I had a big day coming up and still had a mountain to move. Watched Tremor 2 (so unneccesary , so ill conveived and executed, so bad but not bad enough to warrant the chance of it becominga cult favourite) and was joined by james - who was coming to help with tomorrow's move. Hhis idea was to crash and help me pack - noble intentions but he planned on helping me by getting me high and drunk - admittedly, he ended up doing a fair bit more work than me so I can’t exactly hold it against him

infi nitelyu better than yesterday, nigel was back

A few internationals ar arriving
Up and down **phillip street
Massive chafing
Sped back to glebe with peter and reed, he’s very ahhressive on the bike
A couple of the fixie riders did balletic - no hands, no hands with one foot over the front handlebars, kind of silly but very beautiful
James came over to help me pack, probably didmore tan I did
yremor dwo, rasies the bar of tgruly awful and unneccesary sequels cliches beyond imagination

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