Tuesday, 10 October 2006


7 October - All doors closed with the garret now - had to wander down to clean the oven as it was somehow missed on last saturday's bee - that oven is cleaner now than it has been at any point in its life since it came out of the wrapping and all accounts are now balanced (inexplicably got cheque written out to some guy name David whoever the hell he is).
In early afternoon rode out to coogee which is never fantasticallyeasy, super heavy traffic because of some event at Randwick Racecourse but it was still pretty fast moving if I lane splitted in the outer two lanes. Not usually appreciated by the rest of the traffic but a courier's got to do what a couriers got to do. Not the most productive afternoon at Chez C/M but had some excellent lasagne (may have been a trifle bland) and did some work on the proof of concept with the helmet POV cam. Attempted to film the chase scene for a film festial promo on Coogee Bay Rd but the human traffic was a little heavy - whilst I was tracking the heroine, camera secured to my head, a giant of a man strode out of a shop right into my path. His mass was such that I simply bounced off him and came off my bicycle and into a parked car. Admittedly I was going at a very slow pace so there was no damage sustained by anybody although the gentleman in question was not too pleased. He didn’t seem to impressed with our excuse, especially considering that the rest of the crew had somehow disappeared from view leaving me to defend the right to film. Did get some good footage when we shifted down to the boulevard and provded that the helmet cam certainly worked. Also on the way home I found a new route which is a little longer than the direct way but which bypasses the ridiculous hills that Coogee is famous (in my mind) for. Not great speeding through suburban streets at night time but got home with a lot more comfort than usual. Watched a bunch of episodes of Nighty Night, which would have made an excellent three part miniseries but as it was made a rather stretched out six part (and I bet there are more to come) television series. Contacts popped out and vision deterioriated through the viewing but it all seemed to make sense in the end.

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