Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Two's Company, Three's ...

5 October - Sent to chippendale to start with and slogged around the backstreets of Pyrmont, and North and East Sydney for most of the day. Nigel is convinced that the current fleet of bikers has the warrior spirit required for the game and the typo filled text conversations have a decidedly militaristic flavor of late (have been doing a lot of invading of suburbs and pillaging of receptions over the past few days). Had a few moments in the afternoon where the tension must have been getting to me - a difficult drop to the Brazilian consulate resulted in a heated argument with a stroppy unhelpful security guard ('You've been very helpful,' - 'Why don't you get the f**k out of my building?!) and shortly afterwards when a business suited gentleman advised me that now might be a good time to alight my bicycle (on the sidewalk) and I politely advised him that I wasn’t going to tell him how to do his job. An long delay in the afternoon where I gulped down a can of coke might have contributed to a very strange sensation at the end of the day - I felt really lightheaded and woozy and couldn’t focus. Not the best feeling at any time but certainly not at the time when the traffic is at its absolute worst. Begged off home once I realised this and returned to find the third housemate has returned from her northern sojourn. The wind seemed to have dropped a few degres - perhaps its connected with the pork eating and booze swilling Arabian's return but it might just be a southerly change. The man says its goingto rain tomorrow but then again he said it was goingto rain today. Was reasonably productive in spite of my condition and did some organimisation and rectitudinal house stuff that gave me great satisfaction. My bed, previously creaky as an unoiled windmill, is now as solid as an overcooked boiled egg.

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