Monday, 16 October 2006

Uhh, my pants are chafing me, d'you mind if I take them off...

12 October - a scorcher in every sense of the word - 31 degrees temperature and a seemingly endless run of hot runs - peppered with a few big patches of nothing but enough to keep me half exhausted for most of the day. had a few rough moments involving getting ping ponged between two buses and noting the number plate of a particularly aggravated member of the STA but no injury sustained. Dispatcher had a meltdown in the morning and I like to think that I was one of the few who was keeping him sane throughout the day except for the most serious chafing i've experienced since taking on this line of work (felt like i'd been ridinga horse and not a bike, or maybe even being ridden by a horse .... Very hectic afternoon that could have been even better had I not had a dentist appointment which cut the day short at 5pm, a time when things still seemed reasonably busy. I'd warned them about my appointment two weeks ago, two days ago, at 8am in the morning, 12pm in the afternoon, then 4pm, 10 to 5, 5 past 5 ... I'd stopped being given work around five but every pick and every drop seemed to have people not home, random street numbering, broken lifts and other aggravating delays and by the time I finally got rid of the last drop and raced to the surgery I was told that my dentist had already gone home. Snapped at the after 5 dispatcher via text, am sure the emotion wasn’t properly conveyed which is probably a good thing (Dentist gone home; what dentist?; read the chat history!!! And I logged off). chatted with a few of the japanese internationals who have recently started popping up all over town then met the cousin for pizza and beer (nice but exie) then went home for a second dinner (at the dinner table no less! Can’t remember the last time I’ve done that at my own place before) and then let the other housemates bicker about house details only stepping in when the atmosphere was on the verge of the next def con level.

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