Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Ball and Chain

30 October - Must have been the DST because slept in till half seven and had a very rushed morning but was determined not to let the routing be interupted - in the end just wasted a whole lot less time than usual. Morning was pretty decent - a few hot smoove runs but eventually stopped by an unexpected phone call fom a newbie who I was apparently going to be training that day - he kept on calling me from a public phone which meant only 35 second conversations before he was cut off. Three calls later we arranged a downtown meet and we eventually met up 20m after we were supposed to at Farrer. I was warned that he might not be an absolute speed demon and I should be gentle with him - pity the first destination was the always horrible run through the tunnel to Bayswater Rd in Rushcutters Bay. I never got terribly busy but there was moving non stop for the rest of the day and my young charge did seem to have a fair amount of trouble keeping up - he certainly didn’t have the power to cope with the hills (several times he got off and pushed his bike) and I was constantly waiting for him to catch up. Also his bike was pretty much completely inadequate for the job as well and was already suffering even after the meagre strain he was exting on it. Very frustrating having him on my tail all afternoon and not beingable to rush for any of my work, not that the dispatcher reallyrisked giving me anything terribly urgent considering the bal and chain. Had another house meeting in the evening catered by me which was only marred by the fact that there just wasn’t enough of it. But there never is. Lots of television despite the fact hat there was nothingreally worth watching but sometimes that's necessary.

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