Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Secret Life Of Us

13 November - a day of drama it seemed not hindered by any real work of any kind. Started reasonably early to meet the latest shadow (No 5), Paul, a very nice and very keen englishman who'd virtually interrogated me on the phone a couple of times asking about the ins and outs of the class. He had no trouble keeping up although it was hardly a day that really exerted me. Still, I think he'd be a very welcome addition to the team which is very important especially considering that my tenure with the team is coming to an end. Toll beckons and I must say goodbye to my first Australian company - there was no real attempt to ask me to stay because Crisis know that they're terrible employers and, on paper, it makes no difference whether a courier is any good or not because they only pay on a per trip basis. They could have a thousand couriers doing one trip each and it would cost them the same. Still, Nigel the dispatcher expressed regret but also knew that it was for the best. Apparently no 225, one of the trainees from last week (maybe before) was let go - a combination of general ineptitude (which I warned them about) and the fatal mistake of losing a trip. Also, as a result of a mistaken pick by myself, quickly rectified, a short expletive from Mr 2 for 1 Andreas resulted in him being barred from one of our biggest clients - bit of an overreaction but can’t really argue with a customer if they say they don’t want a courier coming to their offices anymore, even if she is a stupid oversensitive cow. It also appears that the Toll job could be potentially quite lucrative, the result of another one of the riders, Geezer Chris, havngbroken both his arms on Friday (yes, both ... ) - apparently the incident was almost captured on fixie shoecam - even did my first trip for toll today by assisting Dottie with a short diversion of my own (got to get in good with the new crew). Very nice barbecue in evening and the smoking of the peace pipe seemed to sooth some in house tensions - lets hope the lions keep on sleeping.

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