Thursday, 23 November 2006

Mine, All Mine!

19 November - Earlyish start to the day with no incident - adrian took back the driving role which was still no real relief for my aching buttocks. Few stops on the way for stretchingand sustenance but other than that no stopping, not even for the cheap banana stalls that littered the roadway out of town (heaven forbid, we could never pull over on the other side of the road). Adrian is a very, very careful driver. Disposed of one of our party at Willoughby and then went over the bridge for a stop at Davey Jones (at the insistence of the driver we took undercover parking and I had to break my longstanding rule of paying for parking - it felt like I was seeing a prostitute or, even worse, paying for wifi) and and after a lot of sherwangling managed to scam a Macboon Pro out of the salesman. Hurrah, finally, finally, finally it was in my hot little hands. Dropped off at home and a bit of a play made me realise that an internet connection at the household is now a bit of a necessity. Missed glebev fair day but had a visit to the AB where I pretended to be james bond for a little while before takinga trip over to the east side to see Mr Templeman's swanky new digs. Very nice, and, an easy roll down the hill homeway. He needs a gandalf.

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