Thursday, 16 November 2006

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

14 November - 6am wakeup call to roll down to Banksmeadow to sign the papers with Toll - upon arrival saw another bicycle locked up, recognised it as belonging to Mr Two Fat Ladies, Geezer Ian, and it turned out that he was also there to sign on to the Toll crew. No issue there, it was all before Swall's little accident but interesting to find out (apparently my number is 404 and he is 405 so I got in just ahead of him). Manager seemed a little less strange this time and that's got to bode well. Rode back into town and had a coffee and started work. Very quiet day and reasonably comfortable - moving pretty consistently (probably better than others - apparently crisis guys had a convention in hyde park because there was nothing on - as I did have something on I found myself moving a bit more than I would like for the number of trips. Last job of the day was a nightmare - single drop over to the north side, with the additional cruel blow of taking a cheque to base which is at the top of the hill near crows nest (and I don’t get paid for it). Also got busted for wearing the wearing the sleeveless jersey I constructed and I knew paul, the manager, would notice - conversation went something like this:
Paul - 'You're not tearing the sleeves of my shirts ar you?'
Che - 'No, one was already torn and I just matched it'
P - I don’t let the bikers damage the shirts
C - It was already torn
P - that’s not one of the new shirts, is it?
C - No, its one of the old ones
P - I don’t want you cutting up my Nettis ...
... and, nothing to take back home over the bridge - the worst trip possible - the second worst possible trip (would have been worst if it was an ordinary but it was on express which is a small consolation)
Afterwards went out to the very fancy J'adore for for emilie's birthday dinner. A very good meal, and incredible cocktails - I normally hate cocktails but the Detroit style martini, infused with mint, was verra nice. The barman was excellent if somewhat underutilised, seemed annoying at first but he warmed to me. Very good turnout and lovely to see the old bunch - had been a while for a few of them. Rode home, wobbled very little, saw Nate who gave me the long asked for worlds footage i've been trying to secure off him. Went to bed far too late though.

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