Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Old For New

13 November - Despite the reasonaby low turnout at the previous night's party there still seemed to be a lot of bottles to take out. Not feeling very energetic during the day but me and Dave headed down to the Newtown festival (dave took the pre-op and was very impressed by his speed) - ate some not very healthy and actually not very tasty (although still quite expensive) festival food and drank illicit bottled beers under the unknowing eye of security. Some half decent music - a bit too spearhead for my liking but entertainingenough. Far too many people for a relaxing day and the only people I bumped into who I knew were a couple of couriers but still, you've got to support your community. Had a filling and expensive spanish meal with the remnants available members of the nuclear family before taking Chevette northside to check out her competition. It seems i'm very fond of the older models although there's something nagging in me saying I should stick with something more recent. There's a whole lot of history with the older ones, some good and some bad, which is not to say the newer ones can be messed up in the same ways. I'm a bit confused and I don’t think i'm being very honest. Ah Sunday, I think ...

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