Friday, 10 November 2006

That's what they said about the fax machine ...

6 November - A very chilled day not helped by early morning rain which made the pavement incredibly slick - only two crashes today, one better (?) than Friday - one caused by a simple slideout and the other by the new shoeses, cleats definitely not properly aligned causing difficulty in clipping in and out and also meaning excess strain on the knees - slowness of day meant I could make a few international calls before the credit expired and I was even given a lunch break (obbiously i'd already eaten my lunch prior to this but you take a lunch break when you can get it in this job ...) - at the end of the day a girl I was sharing the lift with said 'You don't see many of you guys around anymore', for some reason her presence irritated me and I told her there are lots of us still around, she said 'I thought email meant you weren’t needed anymore' - obviously another one of the multitudes who read the Economist article or the one that had been lifted by the SMH who felt compelled to share their knowledge - 'Well, that's what they said about the fax machine, bitch!' - unfortunately didn’t say that out loud but it would have been a nice retort ... in a movie. Also last POD of the day shared my namesake, so there ... Attempts to watch television afterwards wee slightly thwarted by background chatter but it didn’t seem very interesting anyway.

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