Friday, 17 November 2006

One Johnston, Two Johnstons, Three Johnstons, More?

17 November - it seems every time I come to Brisbane there's an extra Johnston living there - first time there was one (Adrian) then there was two (Chiaki) and now there's a third (Erasmus). Apparently the miniature sumo was crying during the night but I can sleep through a train wreck so it wasn’t until morning that I met the little champ. After a bracing breakfast AJ headed off to work and whilst Chiaki had her morning shower Erasmus took this as his cue to start wailing - he crawled over to the bathroom door, gave me a good long stare and opened his lungs up - tried a toy, a watter bottle, a bounce on the knee but none helped - apparently he needed his mummy and luckily she wasn’t far. Had a nice coffee down by the river and met up with me old chum Tennyson (who, apart from a slight bleaching around the tips of his hair, hasn’t changed a bit) for luncheon (a rather bad luncheon at that but good company and that's what counts) and then had a wander through downtown and the valley, did a bit of window shopping and a even a bit of real shopping. Had some beer with AJ in the afternoon and waited for an age for some italian food which would have been very irritating had our silence not been bought off by a couple of freebie pivos. Picked up the road warrior for the road trip and all looks good to go so hurrah.

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