Thursday, 2 November 2006

A Pinch And A Punch

1 November - I had an inkling of it the day before and it started showing itself a bit early in the day (and a bit early in the week) but the chafe made its unwelcome return today and I was very very happy when everything quietened down enough for me to throw in the towel at quarter to 5. However, the day's dramas included carrying a huge 20kg box all over North Sydney while I was desperately trying to get to the base to dump it but was thwarted by the dispatcher putting things on me in a very haphazard manner and, even more painful, having to carry another trainee ... well, I only had to carry him for an hour before the traffic, the hills and the pace (and I was going very slowly and being far less aggressive than I ever am) made him decide that he didn’t really want to be a courier after all. And as well he might because a courier he weren’t. Caught a glimpse of what could be the next 'thing' in Sydney - a burlesque-ish cabaret show all about the history of Australia's seemier side. Not the burlesque extravaganza I was hoping for but a jolly good event all the same and I think that we shall be seeing a fair bit more of this subgenre in the zeitgest.

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