Saturday, 11 November 2006

Western Dilemma

10 November - coughed a bit in the morning and every time I did it sent an unpleasant spasm of pain through my left side and knew that working would not be a good idea. Told work the situation and volunteered to do few regulars as I had to go in to see a medical practicioner anyway. The regs are postal box picks and you need a key to do them which only I hold - whilst there I fitted in a few others but was done about quarter past 9 - Priti was fully booked all day so I ended up going to the walkin clinic at 90 Pitt - pretty but vapid and unfriendly receptionists couldn’t even estimate how long i'd have to wait because the 'system was down' - the doctor examined me for a total of 2m and I wouldn’t have been in his presence for more than 5 before telling me that it was just soft tissue and he couldn’t even give me a note because the 'system was down'. Walked out of there and don’t think I signed off the Medicare slip so hopefully they won’t get paid because the 'system was down' (i bet they'll forge my signature later but I trulydidnt get medical attention there). Logged off and was havinga coffee at Farrer when I got a call from Priti's office sayingshe was free so hightailed it down there and got a proper examination (similar diagnosis but understood what was wrong this time and got a note and some other advice about medical matters which I asked - still only about 15m but I got the medical treatment that I deserved. After that rode home for bit of therapeutic relaxation and a moofie. Whilst jackass wasn’t exactly Shawshank it was pretty much more of the what was to be expected from the teev show and the first movie - bit too much gay innuendo and scatological humour but that's what was intended I guess. Nate returned from his melbourne sojourn, very impressed with the transportation planning that's been implemented in that city and we wandered down to Martin Place where I began an evening of light drinking and some of the others in my immediate company took it upon themselves for some excessively heavy drinking with less than pretty results.always considered myself rather priviliged in the line of the greek philosophy, thank god I was born a man, thank god I was born an australian (obviously not thanking an mythical omnipotent being but that's irrelevnt) - don't know if that's something to be ashamed of but maybe it is.

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