Monday, 6 November 2006

The Long Walk

4 November - Woke up far too early for a saturday for excellent breakfast with parents and matt at the old mater digikaf followed by very interesting session of 'fast food nation' - certainly not best film i've ever seen but very interesting fictionalised adaptation of the brilliant expose on the fast food industry - could have been been done more subtly and, lets face it, more entertainingly (is that a word?), but definitely worth the ticket price (although probably not if you're buying all the tickets). Turned out to be a rather expensive day with a ride over the bridge to purchase a much needed replacement pair of work shoes but the discovery of a flat tyre as soon as I entered the bridge's bike path meant a long walk to the top of north sydney plus the additional purchases of replacement tube, rear tyre and bar tape - but, a very pleasant ride back so not all was wasted. Went for a little run with the housemate which was a bit invigorating and followed it off with giving him his first real taste of Australiana in the form of part of a carcass of an animal that cannot walk backwards. Apparently there was a rugby game somewhere in town at which Australia lost but its a good thing I don’t really car for such things - had a few little pivos at the Clock with Louisa befoe being hussled out by the overanxious security guard, which was probably a good thing because I can’t really drink these days.

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