Monday, 6 November 2006


2 november - up bright and early for some reason and everything seemed good in the world. Clad myself in spandex (for medical reasons) and had a very comfortable and reasonably profitable day. Even had one of the elusive lunchbreaks i've been longing for - dropped into Elixir, owned by a strange man from Saturday's party, when I had a few minutes to kill and was given a very elaborately constucted free macchiato (and free stuff is always nice). Workday was capped off by a very belated phone call from Constable Holmes informing me that the unfortunatet collision with the motorist a few months ago that waylaid me reasonably seriously was, in his investigation's conclusion, the driver's fault and they'll be getting a ticket. nothing really more to worry about now as damages already paid but it's good to know that I have the law on my side. Ventured out to newtown for another schoolnight outing - louisa from the party, not late but by this time of the week it's painful try to push the boundaries.

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