Wednesday, 1 November 2006


31 October - No ball and chain today which meant I was free to completely exhaust myself throughout a very hot and stretched out day. Introduced my American billet to one of the minor wonders of the world in a big-ass breakfast sandwich - he was suitably impressed and well, he would be, because i've travelled across the world lookingfor the best sandwich and after East and West Europe, the greater Pacific region and North America the 2 Bridge St hole in the wall still seems to be the top contender. For the first time in as long as I can remember I refused a last minute urgent job - i'd already dropped my last and had informed the dispatcher that it was time I got a slurpee when it popped on the screen with a request if I wanted it. Much umming and ahhing but I reallywanted my slurpee and we were supposed to start an alleycat race very shortly so I reluctantly told him to give it to someone else. A first. Not that notable an event but noted enough. As for the halloween alleycat it seemed to go blindingly - completely destroyed by the end of it, not just riding but bobbing for apples, doing tricks, eating a minty, getting whipped by a dominatrix, jumping jacks and inhaling a can of Coca Cola just befoe the longest ride of the race. Came in 5th and first fixie, whch was a bit of an achievement. Until apparently the initial winner was DQ'd and apparently 4th also didn’t do it right (and truth be told, if my manifesto was placed under microscopic scrutiny its possible I could have been disqualified as well). But not to matter, it's all in good fun and shane-o seems to have regained his woollen crown.

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