Monday, 6 November 2006

Hundie For The Hunge

3 November - After such a nice day yesterday it had to be balanced off by a horrific one. Wasn’t psychologically prepared to deal with the rain - wet and uncomfortable and not comfortable with Chevette's condition for it, I found myself crashing a grand total of three times throughout the day - once wiped out trying to hop a tiny concrete lip and onto my bum, a slideout just riding slowly across a very slick tile surface at Railway Square and I found myself falling face first onto my chest (almost certainly damaging all the equipment that's there - radio wasn’t working at end of the day), and lastly (the inevitable) unclipping whilst riding brakeless - in Fairfax loading dock, delivering a package to my favourite Australian neocon and opinionite, Miranda Devine, and tried to skid to a stop in front of the wall and I just rolled straight into it - managed to prevent a real shock by throwing my shoulder into the wall rather than the front wheel which would have been dangerous for the bike and almost certainly less pleasant for me. - good thing i'd bought replacement Times pedals that very day (much better for prevention of unwanted unclipping), bad thing they were sitting in the 88 phillip street mailroom, waiting for me to pick them up. Few little miscommunications with dispatcher but simply didn’t let his stresses bother me and had nice after workies - played around on bikes, practised skids, had nice chats with the boyz and ran away before they all got to drunk and obnoxious. Mr Gray came over and we checked out the local, which has pretty average food but could prove to have a nice atmosphere - and it is the LOCAL, being closer to our actual residence than any other pub by a factor of at least 100m. Had first housemate battle (over laundry power, would you fancy that?). Late night stroll out to newtown resulted in overpriced affagatto and witnessing the fiery destruction of one of Newtown's iconic steetscapes - not sure exactly which shoip it was but it was next to kelly's pub - could smell heavy smoke from a few hundred metres away and by the time we actually reached the site of the fire black smoke was billowing out of the buildings and really chokingthe street -about the same time we made it a few ambulances had arrived and a couple of police cars and finally ... Last but probably not least in this situation - the fire engines rolled in - a bit of a mishmash with engines coming from all over town, some stayingand some assessingthe situation and then leaving onlyto be replaced by another - engines from City of Sydney, Glebe, Pyrmont, Leichhardt (and presumably Newtown but didn’t see one). Very interestingto watch but once they seemed to have it under control I kind of lost my fascination to was happy to leave it to 'em and wander somewhere where I could actually breathe.

ngines from city of sydney, glebe, leichhardt, pyrmont and probably newtown turned up
Most enjoyable

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