Friday, 17 November 2006

Winding Down

15 November - Said my goodbye's to Nate in the morning, tried to have a coffee with him but there was nothing open within a three block radius so settled for a hug instead. Will miss him a bit but having the living room back again is nice too. Another terribly quiet day - seemed to spend most of it chatting with Nigel over the data device. Am definitely going to miss working with him but dispatchers come and go and Crisis is a relatively terrible company to work for. Everybody leaves in the end (unless they get one of the four decent gigs that exists at the company - and the only way you get one of those is by attrition). Could have waited it out bt better to just go to a decent place. The slow pace meant ingesting an enormous amount of caffeine and I was pretty well wired all day. Other than that, hardly anything of note happened all day. Had an earlymark and did a lung capacity test, scored pretty well, in spite of the smoking habit but try again in 5 years and might not be so good. Tried to watch a video in the evening, Cache, twas French and it didn’t really go anywhere so I passed out on the couch instead. Its a shame because I don’t think i'll ever get around to watching that film again and it did get relatively positive reviews so I may ave missed something really good. Then again, the impression I got of the film was that it was the kind of film that people like to SAY that they have seen and enjoyed but in fact that really didn’t get at all. What I did see, I got, I just didn’t like and, hey, it's not my fault for fallingasleep whilst watchinga film, it's the film's responsibility to keep me engaged enough to stay up.

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