Thursday, 23 November 2006

Induction or The New Boy

20 November - It's amazing the difference between a shonky company and a legitimate one. Induction at Toll was so far removed from the other courier companies i've worked for it's like a different world. Halfway down Botany Road on the journey out to Banksmeadow was joined by Mr Two Fat Ladies and arrived on the dot for the induction. Alittle bit of paperwork to fill out before we were subjected to a couple of irrelevant training videos on workplace safety (all very useful if you work on a construction site or in a warehouse but pretty useless if you work in the seemingly more lethal arena of street cycling) and another on sexual harrassment (which could potentially be an issue with some of the receptionists we deal with) but then we were sat odwn with the call takers and then the operating room. BOth of these were very interesting - I had a fair idea how they worked via osmosis and talk with other industry types but had never actuallyseen any of it in action - had a brief overview of using the toys and a discussion on procedures - fluency will come in time but I think got far more out of it than would get by shadowing someone for a couple of hours. Was issued with a couple of jerseys and runsheet books then we rolled back cityway for a coffee and a bit of bike maintenance 101. No luck on the free wifi front which was a bit frustrating but kept busy in the afternoon with a few errands then did the sketchy northside run through the motorway to meet Louisa for a small beer or two followed by a very filling dinner with Mr J and coffee at mr g's. Hoping all is good to go for tomorrow.

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