Saturday, 11 November 2006

Horizontal Messenger

9 November - Intense slickness from an early morning rain caused an unfortunate slideout which initiallyseemed to just have a few scrapes and bruises but by end of day a serious aching of the ribs. No problem workingthrough it because it was not terribly taxing throughout the day (except for a horrible run whichinvolved me carrying two giant trips up and down Essex street a couple of times before I could finally get rid of them) but come home time I wasn’t feeling too confident because of the pain. use of the bathtub probably had some benefits but the little bit of nature's muscle relaxant and the powerful heat meant even though I had a freezing shower I was virtually catatonic for hours afterwards. Managed to feed myself somehow and would have fed the housemate had they been behaving like a normal human behaves so I didn’t. Despite the God Delusion being very interesting didn’t prevent me from falling asleep with contact lenses in. Ouch.

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