Monday, 13 November 2006

Good Night and Good Luck

11 November - Snuck out of the house without causing any dramas for lots of carbohydrates and sugar but was very disappointed with treatment at Digikaf - i've accumulated a fair number of free coffee cards over the weeks (you get one or more depending on how much you've spent) and so I thought I’d spoil myself with a second one only to find that only one can be used per meal. Now, I only had one meal being only one person but I got it double sized (being a hungry man) but could only use one ticket. This meant that I didn’t have enough cash to pay for it (well, I may have had enough but I had a point to prove) so had to give them an IOU and after that they gave me two cards. By their twisted accounting this means that i'm always going to have an increasing number of cards - can only use one per meal and I get more than one card per meal (on average). Idiots. Was tempted to enact a boycott but they are the nicest pancakes in town so am in a bit of a quandary. Other errands and chores were needed throughout the day - had to clean up for the little party planned that night for Nate's moving on - little bit of tension in the house slightly alleviated by initial consumption of alcohol and the peace spliff but not completely. Very nice gathering at the house that evening, catered with authentic tex-mex enchiladas (made by a texan) and El Salvadorian beer - not a huge turnout, in fact, quite a small turnout but that meant enough food for everybody and plenty of beer to go around. Was actually quite nice to have my occasional nemesis, scooter, over - not always the friendliest person in the world but a very interesting person to talk with (he's been around for quite some time) and deep down (occasionally very very deep down), I think he's actually a very good person. Also, it appear that permission has been granted by Australia's largest logistics company to hire a new biker which means i've got the rather unpleasant duty of giving notice at Crisis this week. hurrah.

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