Monday, 6 November 2006


5 November - Started day a little late but was reasonably productive - ate some breakfast, had my first stint behind the wheel of a four wheeled machine and fought old Chinese ladies for the last bag of potatoes at Paddy's markets - never done the food stuff down at the markets before anmost interesting experience. Went down to the spiritual hippy shop in the afternoon and had a massage - definitely needed by my aching joints but the problem, as is often the case, was that the girl who did it just didn’t have the brawn to relieve the tension. I need a powerful masseuse and Shannon just didn’t have what it takes. Attempted to redesign the shared space but was vetoed by Samira and got her back by vetoeing her suggestion of putting Turkish figs in the granola we constructed together. At time of writing still cooking away but, if successful, it could man the end of Norganic's stranglehold on my wallet.

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