Friday, 29 September 2006

Almost A Dishwasher

28 September - First action of the day was to head out to Camperdown to acquire a clapperboard prop for a film project of which my participation will, unfortunately, be limited to me providing a clapperboard prop. Dispatcher was off with the fairies this morning and as he was ignoring my repeated requests for instruction I ended up hustling into the city to drop off the board and the 68 Pitt trip that i'd inexplicably been forbidden to deliver the previous night. Was soon moving but in a seemingly random and ridiculously planed out way - from the city to Woolloommoolloo to the cross to woolloomooloo to surry to chippendale to pyrmont to the city to north sydney to the city to surry to the city to ultimo to the city to ultimo ... I was in a foul mood all day - probably the most fed up and angry as I’ve been since I took this job. There was no apology for the crap routing and there were a few trips that had results that had me fuming - having to go to places without being paid, long distance low paying returns, unpaid reattempts, ridiculously overweight packages, unpaid wait time, disgustingly circuitous quests to find the mailroom, and my radio stopped working. I even swung by the base when I was on the north side to get it fixed or replaced (or even just looked at for crissaakes) but when I got there I was told that the boss was away and he was the only person who could do anythingabout it. The dispatcher didn’t even come out and see me - everythingwas done over f**king TXT - I think that's just crap employee relations. Came home and did another carload of gear over to the new place and then went out for some Thai at 'Spice I Am' - very nice meal - below average springrolls but excellent sweat inducing prawn curry and fried pork belly with crispy basil was excellent. Pity we couldn't pay for it. I’d left my wallet at home and only had a little cash, Sam's purse same deal but no money at all. No identification either. No choice but had to offer our services as dishwashers. Well, maybe it was because of our honest countenance but they were content to let us pay the next day - just took down Sam's phone number and let us go on our merry way. In fact, I was rather disapponted that they weren’t more suspicious of us cause that could have lent the situation a bit of drama and I might actually have something interesting to write about. But it wasn't so I don't.

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