Saturday, 2 September 2006


30 August - Third attempt to rectify my spasm with needles - feeling a hell of a lot better and there's a lot less stiffness - riding, walking, stretching all seem to be pretty painless, just the occasional bump or twist or jar that will send white hot pain coursing through my nerves and soundless screams out of my mouth. But, apart from that, all seems okay. Swapped out my old giant brick of a radio that didn’t work for a slightly smaller working model and then checked out a couple of bike shops looking for a holster for it with no luck. The rain inspired me to upgrade my tyres and got some very sexy red treaded ones that go very well with Chevette's colour scheme although it did take about half an hour before I had them all in (new tyres are always a lot harder to sove in the rims than ones that have been softened up a little). Looks like myself, samira and david may have found a new residence - good feeling about the address (Bridge St - will be my fourth bridge I believe) but apparently there's a bit of interest in it so I won’t be holding my breath. Dumplings at the chinese noodle shop with kate followed by a coffee and a cookie and discussions on the future of the royal family. I don’t think they'll last.

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