Monday, 4 September 2006


2 september - I have an aversion to public transport surpassed only by my hatred of paying for a taxi.
Pretty horrific hangover to start the day - I really can't drink like I used to - got up pretty early but couldn't really get active until the afternoon where did a bt of house hunting and found a few promising prospects- whilst waiting for a phone call I thought the pretty fantastic weather would be ideal for riding down to the bay and cyclingaround my old running route. Got clad in my spandex and canadian socks only to find out that the rear tube had gone flat - decided to time myself fixing it but after replacingthe tube I realised that the valve had disappared - meaning it was impossible to inflate - borrowed a tube from the landlord and then spent an age trying to get the rock hard tube in the new rim. Eventually was ready only to get an invite out to Coogee for a little dip in the ocean. Twas a bit late but wasn’t very far so raced over that way - and just as I made it to the top of the rather gruelling Alison Rd I heard a twang and my front wheel was wobbling like a XX. A spoke had snapped completely buckling the wheel and I had to go and find a bike shop for a spare. Wandered towards the vague direction of oxford st on the promise of a close bike shop but nothing and when I did find one it was closed. Moved slowly back in the direction of my house with no open bike shops in sight. Couldn’t fix it that night and very annoyed for having come so close and yet so far from Coogee I tried to salvage what was left of the night by heading to coogee way (was not for going to let one broken wire from preventing me from making that journey)a quiet movie and pizza with the coogee folk. Had originally planned on a more festive evening but the previous night ruled that out completely - then spent over an hour waitingfor the fabled 370 on glebe point rd - decided it wasn’t going to turn up so made the arduous trek towards Central for the 372 where I was told that the 370 doesn’t leave on saturday evenings anymore (have to wait for dst no less) - it would have helped to have slightlyclearer signage but we can’t expect those kinds of things from the statt government these days. Eventually made it to Coogee and ate pizza and watched a movie - aand in the end that was all I wanted to do.

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