Friday, 29 September 2006

Creative Conception

2 September - This is not a good week for sleeping ... Work got going pretty quickly (quarter past eight - that's golden) - it felt like a really good day, constantly moving and usually in the right direction. Whilst 'standing by' on the north side was joined by Scooter and a little bit of a chat - he'd given me some directions earlier on the day which was nice but he gave the directions like clues for a treasure hunt (which way does berry st go? Therefore, 107 must be ... Yes, don the hill!) which was kind of irritating. Still don't think I like him too much but he wasn’t offensive which was a positive. Had a very brief look at all the expensive bikes in the bike expo in Martin Place - apparntly Bike Week is kicking off soon, or maybe it's already here. I 'm not really sure. Evening offered a creative meeting with Patrick James and Simon 'Shifty' McKenzie - some very good stuff discussed over far too much beer. PJ looks like he'll befilming the World Championships for us and I think there will be some incredible footage to be had. Just the video of the races and some interviews would be great but I think there could be definite potential to develop it further into a documentary of some type. However, another key bonus from the night was gettinga lot of background information about the sydney courier community - shifty's been in it for years and he also happens to be housematts with scooter (who's not really my nemesis but he's an individual who seems to pop up pretty often in my brief sydney career) - good person to know, Mr Mckenzie, and I think this meeting could be the start of some interesting.

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