Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Che Lives ...

26 September - ... And he wears lycra.
Suffered in the morningfrom last night's late one but it was really really quiet so I was hardly being challenged. Had a different dispatcher during the day, Leslie, who probably wasn’t as good at dispatchingas the regular guy but certainly seemed very cheerful (as much as personality can come through staccato chatter over the radio and texted commentary) - he informed me that the nickname that's been given to me in the office is 'Che' (Cucvara-Guevara geddit???) and whilst I wasn't certain if that was just something that popped into HIS head that day there ar certainly worse nicknames that one could have. Unfortuantely, 'Pedals' hasn't seemed to have stuck. Afternoon got a little better but certainly not a great day by any standards - was reminded that Scooter is a surly bastard (a couple of News Limited reporters approached us asking if they could do a bit of aninterview and they started by asking if we were Australian - S's response - what, do we look like scummy backpackers? - not the first time i've witnessed hostility from him for no reason whatsoever, they hadn't even told us that they worked for News when they approached us - that would have been understandable, even encouraged if they had) - made a trek out to gordon with robespierre where we were fed very well by mater and my total takings from the visit amounted to coffee, coffee grinder, TV guide, bagful of change ($10 easy and thecar - not a bad haul for a visit. Also got two cheques from various insurance institutions - one satisfactory and one not satisfactory. Work needs to be done. Moved a few things into the new house, which is currently occupied by Sam and dave, all seems very nice even though full of boxes - walking up the stairs scared me a bit because saturday is seeming rather scary.

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