Monday, 25 September 2006

Scent of Summer

24 September - was determined to get out to the beach today but couldn’t get a hold of the few that i'd hoped to convince to accompany me. Admittedly, didn’t make a hell of a lot of an effort to do so. Didn’t have to worry as I knew I could just call Ms Mills who was conveniently located in just the area I wanted to go. Braved the locall Gleve laundry for the first and hopefullly last time aand primed myself with caffeine. A pretty uneventful but enjoyable and almost brakeless ride over to Coogee - was provided with an excellent light lunch before heading down to the surf (ensured that I had my own swimming shorts and wouldn’t have to rely on PJ's) - by the time we got down there the beach was pretty rammed although it was windy and the clouds had obscured some of the sun's brightness and warmth. The water was cold enough to shock me into deciding that I didn’t really want to spend too much time swimming - but I did make it into the water and that's the most important part. Headed back to the house and picked off the sleeves of one of my crisis jerseys (which took f**king forever) and was soon joined by PJ who gave me a bit of a rundown of his latest projects - wandered up to the tennis courts and hit around for about an hour and tried to decide what the theme should be for this summer. Despite kate's exhortions of the benefits of whites and tennis i'm thinking that something new must be discovered but I think it will all come in good time. Rode back homewards and visited the soon to be new housemate, tried to avoid watching Idol, with varying degrees of success ... Not really sure how the new livingarrangements are going to work out now - Australian Idol, not a good sign.

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