Friday, 22 September 2006

Where the hell am I?

21 September - After waking up in a strange bed I realised I was still in Willoughby and I had a slightly longer commute before I could log on in North Sydney. Picked up a new battery for the data and then one trip and then sat around bored smokingcigarettes and drinking coffee for half an hour before I headed over the bridge - only to find a manic maelstrom of trips popping up all over downtown and seemingly thrown on me with no regard to a planned route to pikndrop. Was very irritated when operator told me I should have picked something up earlier than I did - based on the trips I had when he mentioned it, yes, it would have made sense, but, B-U-T, at the time when he intimated I should have made the pick it was actually near the end of the route. Far too difficult to explain that over the crappy texting tool we use so I just shook my head and cursed the next three generations of his line. Also not too happy when he told me to hurry up. I wonder what he thinks i'm doing when i've got a dozen picks and drops to make? Still, very satisfying when it's all over. Rest of the day was nothing like that but busy enough to keep me sweating like a horse when an evil dark age magician time travels to the present day. Something about the afternoon guy reallyirritates me - I hardly ever talk to him as everything comes over the texting tool - maybe he's doing a few channels at once but he's such a curt bastard and seems immune to my humorous charms - all his messages are prewritten templates and at the end of the day after everything's over he always says 'Standby For 10m' and then forgets about me - sometimes i'm at home before I realise that according to him i'm still out in the middle of SUrry hills or downtown. Wanker. And, I still don't know his name. In any event, when I did get home I watched movies and ate a lot. 'Ray' would have to be the dullest biopic i've seen in a while - I don't care if the actor 'channelled' the man (although mr charles may still have been alive whn the film was being made so he couldn't have really been channelled - could he?), he did have an interestingstory, but that film was not it. Got to listen to all the songs, learn a few home truths (managers will try to screw you, drugs are bad, mixing gods music and devil's music is a sin) but really, iit was a struggle to keep my eyyes open. My review - worth seeing if you want to watch a movie and it's the only thing available to see (which it was).

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