Saturday, 2 September 2006

Another warning?

1 September - On Thursday night when I rummaged through my bag looking for some spare change I was rather unpleasantly surprised to find a trip left over from the day - urgent banking no less. THey'd given two packs of cheques and i'd only dropped off one. There was nowt that could be done about it that night but the bank was pretty close to where we usually hang about for coffee so I thought i'd be able to get rid of it without anybody noticing. I swung past the bank at 9am onlyto find out it opened at 930 - then sent out to Surry Hills and it was 945 by the time I was clear in town again - luckily, just a few streets away from the bank. About to speed off to the destination when who should give me a call but Nigel, the operator, askingcuriously whether I remember a certain trip the previous day. F**k. Feigned ignorance, pretended to find the trip and dropped it off - nothing escapes these people. No big deal but an irritant nonetheless. Prety good day all in all marred by a couple of rather nasty accidents - not me this time, praise be, but some very unpleasant incidents nonetheless. Adelaide Mike went over a car and busted his bike but not himself - his fault as well, which is a rare admission in this world and worse, especially as I heard the aftermath unfold over the radio, Movie, one of the Scottish crisis guys was racing down George St and a jaywalker stepped right out in front of him and he ran straight into her. He may have stopped but went over the handlebars and his mouth went straight into her head. Apparently she had a gash in her scalp which was nothing compared to Movie's injuries - a couple of his front teeth were knocked out and one splintered in his mouth and a couple of the bottom ones were knocked loose and were hanging on by his gums. He spent the afternoon runningaround trying to get them fixed and was hanging around Martin Place at the end of the day - dorphed up on painkillers and marijuana. Pretty horrific stuff and not the kind of thing that reassures one about this choice of career. Headed over to the Clar afterwards and got a little bit drunk - wwas joined by Hubert, a german architectural intern who's going to be hangingaround for the worlds - you can take the beer out of germany but you can’t take the beer out of the germans - very wobbly ride home. Also found out that we lost the place in bridge St, despite having put down a deposit - very annoying. I had such a good feelingabout that address.

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