Saturday, 23 September 2006

I don't feel like dancing, no dancing for me today ...

22 September - A very quiet morning was somewhat mitigated by a very hot afternoon (in more ways than one) - found myself loaded up with expresses and double expresses (the equivalent of the HOT and SHT) but had no problem getting them delivered on time even though I had to do a little bit of doubling back and had to ride straight pass a few drops a couple of times (under dispatcher orders, always a bit upsetting even if it has to be done for the 'big picture'). For the first time in a while I even had a real lunch break - about 15m or 20m or so, had desperately hoped to be able to get a big-ass sandwich but the queue was going out the door so I had to settle for BBQ King Chinese - a respectable lunch for your standard run of the mill office drone but not very appropriate for a member of the immortal class. Far too much grease and fat and whilst delicious it really sits on one's stomach when riding around for the balance of four of five hours. Drank a slurpee after work and then had a beer - whilst sittingat Martin Place some gentleman (ex-courier) who had a beef with Chris took it upon himself to attack him with a length of chain - Chrii wasn’t really paying attention but Chris took off with him in hot pursuit - it s amazing to see the couriers mobilise and chase after this other fellow - having not beingpaying attention to the situation the rumour quickly spread that someone had tried t steal a bike but that wasn’t the case and the gentleman was calmed down although he did look quite the fool if you ask me. After this headed to Newtown via home to meet with Skye before bussing back INTO town to the 'theatre royal' (???) at MLC centre to see the Nick Cave music inspired modern ballet show, 'Underland'. Well, incredible bodies and incredible athletic ability (i was told many years ago that of all the different types of athletes dancers are the fittest - Robespierre disagrees but that's because he doesn’t like the idea of a nancy boy being stronger than a bully boy) - choreography was very impressive although some of it seemed a trifle 'modern' (?) for my taste - I had to ask the question - if I could make my body do the types of things that the dancers could would I make my body do the kind of things the dancers could? The answer is no. Headed back to Skye's place, smoked some weed, ate a hamburger and chatted for a while before the week caught up to me and I realised it was time to make a move. Stopped at the newtown bakery on the way back and got a loaf of freshly baked bread that was too hot to slice. Can you believe that? The bread was too fresh to be sliced - unfortunattit was so warm that it was crushed to space bread proportions on the way home but it made a nice piece of toast. And that's what its all about.

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