Tuesday, 19 September 2006

GoT KeYs

18 September - Woke feeling veysore from yesterday's running - nothing overwhelming but aching everywhere, even m arms and shoulders which weren’t being pounded on the road - had a very average and very expensive coffee before getting my first trip downtown. Reasonably cruisy but uneventful day - most notable events included chain falling off while going down a hill and had an afternoon coffee knocked off the bench and straight onto my foot - whilst not at the McDonalds temperature it was sufficiently burning enough for me to have to rip off my shoe and let it cool (there were no lawsuits and the cafe was replaced so everybody went home happy). I suppose i should have been happy to have a reasonably easy day considering my physical state but never happy about having a quiet day. Main event of the evening was signing the lease to 28/13-23 Gibbons Rd, Redfern (that happens to be my new address) - far too tired to be excited about it but looking forward to the new place (not looking forward to bending the laws of space-time getting things out of The Garrett and then breaking the backs of my friends getting said things up the four flights of stairs (five if one includes getting to my room).

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