Saturday, 2 September 2006

1 in 6 Man

31 August - Finally back at work after my little hiatus and apart from general stiffness and pain in the morning there was hardly any discomfort from the spasm at all - that's not to say I wasn't suffering in other ways - a bit over a week off means having to get used to punishing myself every day (and hadn't really gotten used to it since my return to Australia anyway). There was a bit of sitting around in the morning and there weren't a huge number of jobs but a lot of riding - crisscrossing the city and jumping the bridge a few times for only one job at a time - if i'd been here longer I might have been pissed off. Found a nice pair of socks and bought an overpriced 14mm spanner (for some reason Chevette's front wheel uses 14 and the back the standard 15, very annoying to have to carry two). Also bought a ridiculously expensive Mars bar at a north sydney 'convenience' store but I was the 1 in 6 and I won a new one ... I haven't yet opened the second one but wouldn't it be great if when I opened that one I won another Mars bar and then when I opened that one I won another one ... And it would go on forever, and i'd be called '1 in 6 Man' and i'd have an endless supply of chocolate. Wouldn't that be great?

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