Friday, 15 September 2006

Less reunions, more trips ...

14 September - My mastery of the elusive art of skidding has come in leaps and bounds and I still haven’t crashed which is very assuring. Whilst i'm nowhere near a point of being able to ride brakeless I finally seem to have the feeling of how its done. Looks like i'll be spending a lot more money on tyres if I keep it up though. Have had a few sketchy moments where i've been on a downhill and have tried to skid only to rip my foot out of the clip and then accelerate rather than slow and my hands are on the ends very far away from the brake. Bumped into quite a few people from the past today - school chum (well, actually, not a chum at all but someone who I went to school with who I didn’t hate) who was a receptionist (or something) at an ad firm, old work chum (once again ... Not reallya chum but etc etc) from optus and the lovely lady from the North Sydney Bakers Delight who upon seeing me all decked out with silly hat, helment and glasses said to me, 'You're back! How was Canada?' - obviously their sales of cheesymite scrolls have been lagging. A fairly decent day of work all things considering but there was a lot of riding to do them and absolutely buggered by the end of the day. Planning for world domination will have to wait until tomorrow.

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