Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Canadian In Disguise

12 September - Cause I was waiting for laundry to dry I was forced to wear Novex shorts and cause it was raining I had to wear my Novex jacket (even though its a pretty useless and uncomfortable jacket - and the fact that it was raining meant there was no real point in waiting for the other laundry to dry) so for the most part I was dressed exactly as I used to in Canadia - no real problem as most of the Crisis guys rarely wear uniforms and none of the clients ever seem to notice our logos - and of course, where should I have to go in the afternoon but back to the base where I had to see Paul, the first time since i've seen him since I got a verbal chiding for not wearing my uniform (the one day that I didnt) - fortunately he was probably aware of the rain so he wasn’t going to question the fact that I was wearing a jacket, regardless of the fact that it had another company's logo on it. If they're not going to provide specialised wet weather gear they can't complain about us wearing whatever he have. I’d hoped to have a little confrontational showdown over this but unfortunately he was too distracted to give me the pleasure, which is a shame because it might have enlivened my day a bit. Had an altercation with a taxi driver who I harmlessly tapped when he stopped right ahead of me and had an extended argument and a to make a a plea and unfortunately a very reluctant admission of gult - apparently he's got five kids to feed. The way I see it I eat as much as five kids at the moment but he was very earnest. Bit of sitting but some good moments and the wet weather is providing an excellent environment for me to practice skids which I think I should pretty much have within a week or so - the body is learning - consumed vast quantities of food upon my return home which could have been a result of having burned an enormous amount of calories in the day or could have been from the inhalation of an appetite stimulant or it could have been the result of both. I guess we'll never know. Did a miniature tune of Chevette - the great thing about a fixie is that there's nothing to do - very good for someone of my mechanical ability - had reed around who would have been very useful had anything of a desperate nature turned up but all seems well - considering the rough treatment she's been getting lately.

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