Monday, 11 September 2006

Me Mi Mo, Me Mi Mo

9 september - More rain and wind to welcome me into the day - had some pancakes from DigiKaf, which ar very respectable in flavour although rather small (they're also incredibly stingy on the strop and you've got to squeeze it out of them) but they're always giving me a free coffee card for the next meal so the chain reaction seems to be perpetuating itself. Afternoon went out to Ran'wick (got caught in a sudden if somewhat expected soaking downpour) to a reading of some up and comer's new play - a scintillating detective comedy of errors about the plague of tree poisoners that has unleashed itself upon an unsuspecting Coogee. Quite a lot of fun although the freeform was a bit disconcerting and afterwards had a beer and then ate Peruvian for dinner. Very nice meal, vveeerrrryyyy ssssllllloooowwww service but one thing I was most pleased about my meal was that it was something i'd never eaten before - supposedly a stir fry but with special Peruvian potatoes and beans that was a completely new taste sensation (not the best thing i've ever eaten but a new thingand that's got to be good). Quite late by the time it was ll over so took a rather circuitous route back to Leichhardt (longway to Newtown then Enmore, Stanmore, etc ... Leichhardt) for a beer and a toke and some bad television with good company. Did you know that it was actuallya military plane that crashed into the second tower and not AMerican Airlines Flight 77? Also, U93 actually landed an hour or so before it supposedly crashed into a field. Did you? Neither did I .... On the way home an idiot decided to open his door right in front of me and then stick his out so he could throw up onto the street - this close to taking him out in a very compromising position.

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