Thursday, 7 September 2006


6 september - Best day thus far workwise - logged on and sent straight downtown and was pretty much moving all day including some pretty satisfying hot runs. Still getting a bit annoyed at having to do the majority of the communication with the base all via text - typing out responses on the crappy little onscreen keyboard, you can get the point across but i've never been much of a fan of the SMS thing anyway and now beingforced into a variant for my job is a bit much. Still, was given the praise of 'u r a very efficnt rider', which was very pleasing - in any event, I don't like to work efficiently for the customeres or the company, it's just so that i'm conservingenergy and reducing entropy and keeping the universe around for that little bit longer. Finished up in 1 York St on L15 so went down to L14 to visit my old recruiters from Candle to remind them that I still exist but I still wasn't interested in the jobs they were offering and also saw a couple of the Optus crowd - very nice to see them but things we have in common seem to have diminished even more since the lastt time I saw them - what ar you goingto do?
Are the ABC comedies and variety shows any better than the commercial ones? The Glasshouse and Spicks N Specks (don't even get me started on the chaser crowd), the celebrities are just as irritating and patently unfunny as their commercial counterparts, they've just got a slightly less inoffensive poltiical persuatsion. It can't just be me - i've tried watching them on multple occasions under the hope that i'd just seen a bad episode but no, they're always bad, and yet they're allowed to go on and on and they praise each other and laugh at each others jokes and the audience is told to laugh along or maybe they're strange and really are amused which is even more disappointing. Oh, I don't know. This rant ends here.

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