Friday, 15 September 2006

On notice

13 september - A rather slow day at work with a few very frustrating times - especially one half hour spent looking for an elusive suite at Jones Bay Wharf. Didn’t feel particularly great all day but they can’t all be wonderful. Paul called me up in the afternoon saying that somebody had reliably informed him that I wasn’t wearing my Crisis jersey and I told him, 'Absolutely not' then the battery on my phone completely conked out. Furiously texted a hasty explanation through dispatch but apparently it was 222 who wasn’t wearing it (and every other goddarned courier who works for crisis!) - found out the moving date for the new place and gave notice to the landlord, all seems very amicable - the day will be 30th of September, so anyone who happens to see this missive and lives in the greater Sydney area who wishes to help will be supplied with pizza, beer and some other little titbits for their trouble. Entertained PJ and KC (pj loves kc, kc loves pj ... Bddumbdum bdum ...) and was very upset when kate wouldn’t get out of the goddamn kitchen, therefore exposing the fact that the meal was in fact a stir in sauce (albeit, a rather expensive one) - oh, the same! The shame!!!
The infringement notice arrived in the post today as well, f**k. What to do?

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