Monday, 11 September 2006


10 september - Went to café appetite in redfern (around the corner from the new place) in the hope of pancakes but they just freedom toast, which was very average at that (also very stingy with the strop - something that seems to be very common in this country - I know maple syrup generally comes from Canadia but over there it seemed to be just as expensive as it is over here so I can’t see what the problem is) - got caught in the rain again on the way back via the shoppes - it comes and goes but when it does come it comes down f**king hard. Watched some DVDs and read a little before heading over to Petersham for another little reunion - this time with Jodi, ate some food, offered some technical assistance, went for a bit of a ride around the backstreets and on the footpath (didn't get a ticket this time - f**king flatfoots). In evening, saw Asterix and Obelix Take On Ceasar - finally got to see the live action version of the comic that I knew and loved - live versions of cartoons are rarely great and this one was no exception - the OTT fight scenes were okay, Gerard Depardieu and Roberto Benigni stood out pretty well, I learned the French names of all the characters but it was pretty much a hodge podge of a couple of different episodes - worth seeing because it existed but not something to write home about (writing online about on the other hand?). Didn’t think it really explored the ethics of using a potion to duplicate people only to have them explode into a bunch of bubbles - being obliterated forever. Oh, the humanity.

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