Friday, 22 September 2006

Excessive Fromage

20 sep - A fairly decent day - very hot - lots of riding, blah. Admired the Australian flag boxer shorts of a japanese tourist who seemed very pleased with himself - I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they were underwear - perhaps he knew, he certainly didn’t seem to care. Took advantage of a little lull in the afternoon to swing by Chez Cucvara Pyrmont to steal some pepsi and satay sticks (a boy needs his afternoon sugar rush - it could very well be coming up to slurpee season, I need to brush up on my slurping whilst riding skills if that's to be the case though) - last trip of the day was from 1 o'connell all the way to a dodgy residence in little albion st - got there, was told by the guy who answered that there was noone living there by the recipients name, got told to take it back to 'the Paper Shredders' then once I returned it I was told that the guy did live there and I had to rush it back over again (apparently his neighbour who lived at the same address had never heard of him). As I wandered off I was tryingto negiotiate my closing down for the day with the after-5 dispatcher and i heard someone shout my name - chris and flash invited me to join them for a beer at the KB - both of them very nice but they're longtalkers - remind me a bit of ghostrider from van, they can lecture you on thing. After pullingaway from them I got home asap because I then had anther ride over to WIllougbhy - an awful ride at the best of times but even worse in early eveningtraffic. Very long, very sweaty, very sketchy at times (the Miller St hill going down o the 'northbridge???' is very worrisome on a fixie surrounded by traffic) but made it there eventually - had much discussion and planning with Mr Gray and ate a pizza with way too much cheese on it but i'm a courier so I can eat whatever the f**k I want and it doesn't matter, so there.

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