Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Be careful with the send button

5 September - Apparently yesterday's missive was sent out before I wrote it ... Well, it's not terribly important because it wasn't the most amazing day although I did have a very amusing observation on the Carlyle Group and the methods in which a courier could abuse his position as the lowest participant of the sinister group's machinations to engender an era of peace and prosperity for manking but that was yesterday so i'm not too fussed about it. Perhaps it was the fatigue of readingthe Watchmen till the wee hours that did it but in any event that kept me from waking until 745 where I had a mad scramble to eat a meagre first breakfast and throw my clothes on before I was sent to hang out in Ultimo just past 8am to wait for the first trip ... Which didn't turn up until 9. I think i'm going to have to have words about this - or, I could just hang around the house and tell the dispatcher that i'm in Ultimo ... After the very slow start to the day things really heated up for a while and I was crisscrossing the east and west of the city at a fair clip. All was going swimmingly until I misread the operator's routing intentions - dropped something off that was probably a little bit out of my way but it was heavy only to get a sharp rebuke telling me he wanted to do that much later and then to prove his point he gave me a trip with a destination at the place i'd just dropped to. Well, if he'd sent it to me before I obviously would have realised. We can't all be telepathic, and truth be told, I don’t think i'd want to be - I can guess the thoughts that go through some of the city folk's minds throughout the day and I don't think I 'd want to be exposed to all that negativity. Had another flat near midday - curiously enough,very close to the Central Bike Depot - very convenient because I could purchase a tube without having to haul my bike halfway across town - almost TOO convenient actually. I'm not accusing anyone of anything but it's very possible that the CBD staff are surrepetiously scattering tacks and glass and other tyre holers in the immediat tarea of the shop forcing people to come to them for quick repairs. Conspiracies can be small as well as large. Rest of the day was fairly busy and uneventful - was suppsoed to meet a friend for a cup of tea at 530 but had a hot run that ended at 525 and after that I was told to hang about for 19m but managed to escape - zoomed back to glebe in doublequick time - it was 15m away, I was there in 5 ... It seems redfern is now definitely ours, sign the lease next week, but still don’t have a moving in date, saw Clerks 88 in the evening, reasonably amusing, at least for a film that features interspecies erotica, and that was bout i

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