Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Spandex Man

11 september - A lack of laundry meant breaking out the spandex knicks today - something i'd always aspired to do in Canadia but never had the nerve for - nobody really seemed to much care or notice however - something definitely not the case in Vancouver - so therefore when I was dropping off around town I was presenting the package I was there to deliver and the package I was not there to deliver ... or was I? One of the hardest days of rain i've had downtown - far more sodden than I ever got in Vancouver but it was also constantly brightening up so I was dried and soaked and dried and soaked and it wasn't terribly comfortable - especially as I crossed the bridge five times each way - never a pleasant ride, far too bumpy and a powerful hill at the North Sydney side - still a fair day as days go. Didn’t finish until half five and various necessities involved a rather protracted journey back to the north side where I abused my parent's generosity and and had a therapeutic and quickly resolved fight with my dad that ended with mostly diffused tensions, minimal loss of honour on both sides and a feeling of camaraderie afterwards. Another protracted journey back Glebe way with a failed search for a doughnut.

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