Wednesday, 20 September 2006


19 September - Spectacularly nice day - so nice in fact that it warranted United States Postal Service knicks - I was warned by Shifty that US blue doesn't go well with Crisis green but Carson Kresley threw that myth out the window years ago. The morning was an excellent run with long lines with multiple drops, multiple picks from buildings, loaded circles and easily defined routes. However, come afternoon, a short gap followed by riding from one side of the city to the other, up and down the horrible hills of East Sydney and Surry and not a moment's rest throughout. Also it seems that the norith sydney bicycle police are out in force - saw a bunch of them on their matchingwhite mountainbikes and excellent utility belts (they would be perfect for a courier sans the gun (or maybe even with the gun) - tried to act real friendly like and throw them a ave but I was ignored - probably thought I was giving them an osscene gesture which I might have been subconsciously. Heard that it was a record tempature for a September and it was pretty warm a few times throughout the day - interestingto see what it gets like in the middle of summer. In any event, it's only Tuesday and my hands and feet are numb, aches all over my body and my disposition is not as sunny as the day was. Still, a half decent number of trips (i think) and seemed to please the dispatcher. My new housemate came over for a 'cup of sugar' and then decided it would be best for me to drive the car back - fun being behind a wheel for the first time in a while - found myself at a red light and had to stop myself with a slap on the wrist because I was edging out to run it - you can't do that in a four wheeled machine. When coming home I was waitingat the lights patiently when Canadian Reed zoomed past me, blowing the red and getting a little toot to boot.

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