Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The Reluctant Running Man

17 September - Today I had my return to running. First competition since the 10k seawall run in vancouver that I did at the end of October and the first run at all since me and kristl ran around Stanley Park soon after my return from America in ... April or May? Sydney's marathon day it was and I was really not interested at all in running this day. I was in no shape for doing the marathon or even the half with my current levels of nicotine and tar inhalation and running the shorter 9k bridge run felt like a sad admittance of not being capable of anything more. Well, EK had just been embiggened by her participation in a fun run last week and was desperate to do this one and I was the only person she knew who could be convinced to do it with her. Reluctantly registered fo the 9 for both of us and before I knew it i'm standing in a crowd of a couple of thousand people, inadequatly stretched and in dire need of a cappucino. Megan Gale (for some reason I do not like this quasi-celebrity), perhaps its her constant association with wanker of the year Rove McManus) fired the gun and after twisting and weaving through the crowd for the first k over the bridge I soon found myself in an uncomfortable canter, bum and legs and lungs all burning nastily, but it really wasn't that bad at all. It seemed hardly any time at all when I saw the 7k signpost and then it was literally downhill from there - a young bloke with a mullet and a blue singlet became my nemisis and we chased each other into the finish line (i have absolutely no idea which of us crossed the line first) although we shook hands afterward and I immediately threw up some bile. 38minutes 20s (which should be reduced a little bit because of the delayed start). Tracked down me mum although it took a while before I found EK and robespiere's lackluste mobile battery made reunion a little more difficult. Crowds too big by the time I got to the recuperation part so I missed out on all the goodies, pancake place in the rocks is closed for renovations hich made me reallyquestion why I did the run at all? Saw some marathon runners come through and felt a little bit of shame - not a lot but was not feeling the elation I should have felt at finishinga run. Decided I had to get out of here before tony abbott completed his marathon - would not be able to look that man in the face knowing he'd done the marathon and I hadn't. Very average pancakes with imitation syrup at some place in Pitt st mall followed by picking up chevette from nsyd, havinga recuperating bath in Pyrmont and negotiating the closed down roads to get home where I considered the day. A bit of bike maintenance (fixing front brake and cleaning and tightening chain) and very expensive shopping outing - looked for new batteries for my bag lights - each battery cost as much as the original light and the light needs two of them - and, even after replacing them one of the lights refused to work. Very aggravating. Also tried to find a replacement for my pen-stylus which was destroyed by a passing taxi on Friday evening but far too expensive, all I want is a stylus-pen (which is really all anyone would want from the device) but the manufacturers insist on adding an LED and a laser pointer just so they can charge $35 for the entire package. Bastards. In any event, managed to use a tin opener and some sticky tape to put it back together again ... Kind of. Had a very nice evening over at ruthnades, a roast of proportions that would best a lesser man but I was up the challenge. Nice yorkshire puddings too.

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