Thursday, 7 September 2006

Chicago, Schmicago ...

7 September - Got woken up at 5ish by the rain pounding down outside - it was cold, it was dark and I did not want to deal with it. By the time I left the house the rain had mostly eased and I was sent in for a princes ransom from a stamp dealer - the rain came and went throughout the day (the Novex jacket got a bit of a workout - forgot how uncomfortable it was though), including some pretty solid showers but the wind ... F**k, going over pyrmont bridge I was leaning into the wind at a 60d angle, crossing Wentworth Ave from Oxford to Liverpool the blast was so violent that I had to walk it - and even then my bike was being blown around like a rag doll and not a machine made out of steel - could barely hold onto it. Have resolved to stop ... STOP ... Showing off in front of other people with my spectacular dismounts until i've got them down pat. My shorts snagged onto my seat this time so when I leapt off the back my hands and feet were disconnected but I was clipped in via my crotch. Into the wall!
Expanded my professional delivery person skills into moving a cabinet with Matty G in the evening in exchange for a bowl of thin gruel - ridiculously heavy and I singlehandedly solved the poincare conjecture in calculating the only way that f**king cabinet would get through that f**king doorway. Calm.

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